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June 2-22

World Dendo. The 10th International Word Dendro Conference will be held in Timphu, Bhutan. This conference will span several weeks and include a variety of venues, fieldwork, and workshops.

June 17-22
14C-23. The 23rd International Radiocarbon Conference will be held in Trondheim, Norway, on June 17–22, 2018. See for current information, registration, abstract submissions, and accommodations. Final abstract submission deadline was April 8, 2018. Final early bird registration ends May 6, 2018. The conference is sponsored by the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology (NTNU). 2nd circular now available (click on News). Authors: click here for submission information.

June 19-24
I2SM-2018. From the symposium organizers: It is a pleasure to invite you to contribute to the session “Radioisotope dating of sediments”, within the 6th International Symposium on Sediment Management, which will be held in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Abstract submissions: 

September 5-8
EAA 2018. 24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists in Barcelona, Spain. Calls for contributions due February 15, 2018. 
October 25-27, 2018
MoDIM 2018. Mortar Dating International Meeting, Bordeaux, France. MoDIM 2018 continues the 10-year-old tradition of international meetings dedicated to radiocarbon and luminescence dating of archaeological lime mortars and anthropogenic carbonates in general.
May 20-24
Radiocarbon and Archaeology. The 9th International Symposium will be held in Athens, Georgia, USA. The conference is sponsored by the Center for Applied Isotope Studies at the University of Georgia
REI-III. Hosted by the Institute of Physics - Centre for Science and Education, Silesian University of Technology, the Third International Radiocarbon in the Environment Conference will be held in Gliwice, Poland. See the flyer here.
AMS15. The 15th International Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Conference will be hosted by ANSTO, Australia.
Past Meetings
2018 8-13 April

EGU18. The European Geosciences Union (EGU) general assembly. 




19-21 March

Univ. of Oxford. Short Course in Radiocarbon Dating and Bayesian Chronological Analysis. Link.
Oxford, UK
2018 16-18 January CAST General Assembly Meeting. Lyon, France
20–23 June 2nd International Radiocarbon and Diet Conference Aarhus, Denmark
3–7 July 2nd International Radiocarbon in the Environment Conference Debrecen, Hungary

14–18 August

19–20 August

14th International AMS Conference [AMS-14]

Calibration workshop

Ottawa, Canada
2017 11–15 December AGU Fall Meeting New Orleans, USA

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