2019 14C Latin America Issue

CLARA 2019 Conference Proceedings

2020 EXTENDED DEADLINE. Please submit by JANUARY 15, 2020 or contact the editors for an extension. See below for details.

Conference website https://www.clara2019.com.br/

July 29–August 2, 2019. The first Latin American Radiocarbon Conference (Conferencia Latino-Americana de Radiocarbono – CLARa) was held in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Radiocarbon is proud to present the proceedings of the conference, to be published in an issue of the journal in 2021. We will be accepting submissions of papers presented at the meeting. Papers based on poster presentations are also accepted.  


As with all papers in Radiocarbon, the Proceedings will be peer-reviewed. The published papers will also appear online via Radiocarbon’s Cambridge Core site (http://cambridge.org/RDC). 

Authors will not receive a free printed copy but can purchase one (subject to availability) through the journal’s publisher, Cambridge University Press (cindy.eyler @ sheridan.com). 

More details will be provided upon submission of a manuscript. Please contact Managing Editor Kimberley Elliott at kimelliott @ email.arizona.edu or Editor in Chief Tim Jull at jull @ email.arizona.edu if you have any questions. 

Submitting Your Manuscript

EXTENDED DEADLINE. Submissions accepted through JANUARY 15, 2020. Please contact us at kimelliott [at] email.arizona.edu if you require additional time.

Authors will submit their papers via Radiocarbon’s online manuscript management site, https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rdc. The Author’s submission page features a pull-down list of article types. To ensure proper issue assignment, please scroll down and select Type “Conference Paper” and the special issue from the pull-down menu is "2019 CLARA Conference" for this Proceedings issue.

For style and formatting guidelines, please carefully follow the Instructions for Contributors, available online at Cambridge Core, https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/radiocarbon/information/instruct.... Please also see the Manuscript Submissions tab on this website.

Please note: Articles published under the Green OA license will be charged US$50 per printed page. If you choose to publish under the Gold OA license, the charge is $1575, regardless of page length. Color images are US$320 each in print and free in the online version. Green OA fee waivers may be available from Radiocarbon upon request, based on financial need.