2019 14C Archaeology Proceedings

Information for Conference Participants

Quick Facts

NEW EXTENDED due date: October 30, 2019. Manuscript submissions were previously due Sept. 30, 2019.
Submit here: http://cambridge.org/RDC.
Formatting: Please see the 
Manuscript Submissions tab, here at radiocarbon.org. Manuscript length limits will apply. Please see the bottom of this page for details! 

Conference site: https://www.radiocarbonandarchaeology2019.com/

Next Meeting Location

There are two potential locations for the next meeting in 2022. The decision will be based on a survey emailed to past attendees. Please see below for the hosts' proposals.

ETH Zurich's proposal: https://ams.ethz.ch/10th-radiocarbon-and-archeology-conference-.html

Russian Academy of Science's proposal: http://radiocarbon.webhost.uits.arizona.edu/node/30#overlay-context=node/27

A Note about the Proceedings

Any paper or poster presented at the Radiocarbon & Archaeology 9th International Symposium can be submitted for publication in the Proceedings.

The Proceedings will be published in the journal Radiocarbon (radiocarbon.org). As with all papers in Radiocarbon, the Proceedings will be peer-reviewed. The published papers will also appear online via Radiocarbon’s Cambridge Core site (http://cambridge.org/RDC).

Authors will not receive a free printed copy but can purchase one (subject to availability) through the journal’s publisher, Cambridge University Press (cindy.eyler @sheridan.com). 

The Proceedings should be published before the end of 2020. More details will be provided upon submission of a manuscript. Please contact Managing Editor Kimberley Elliott at kimelliott @email.arizona.edu or Editor in Chief Tim Jull at jull @email.arizona.edu if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Submissions are due September 30, 2019. Please contact Radiocarbon if you will require an extension.

Authors will submit their papers via Radiocarbon’s manuscript management site, https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rdc. The Author’s submission page features a pull-down list of article types. To ensure proper issue assignment, please scroll down and select Type “Conference Paper” and [coming soon] Special Issue "2019 Radiocarbon & Archaeology Conference Paper" for this Proceedings issue. [Note: the special issue menu is not showing this issue yet, but you can still submit your paper.]

For style and formatting, please carefully follow the instructions under the Manuscript Submissions tab at radiocarbon.org, http://radiocarbon.webhost.uits.arizona.edu/node/10.

Important note about publication fees & article length: Proceedings articles up to 8 printed pages long will be published free of charge to participants. Authors will be responsible for pages 9 and higher, billed by the publisher at US $50 per page. Therefore, free papers will be limited to approximately 4500 words and 4 figures. Print color figures are currently billed at US $320 per image. Online color is free. Online-only supplemental material can be linked to the article and published at no charge.